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Stem Cell Ignition Therapy

Create positive personal change in your life today

5 things you didnt know about Stem Cells


1. Chord Stem Cells can be frozen and stored at birth to use at a later date by injecting into the damaged parts of the human body in order to ignite a healing response.

2. Stem Cells are unprogrammed cells - they can be programmed to grow organs. It has been done!

3. The brain holds memory of the frequency of the original Stem Cells that were in the umbilical chord that were used in the first instance to build the body according to the DNA blueprint. Human beings originate from Stem Cells.

4. Every part of the human body has Niche Stem Cell Sites, groups of Stem Cells encased in a membrane, ready for brain stimulation to release when healing is required.

5. In 1999 a news paper article was printed that began Founder of CCDH Jeanne Ames' voyage of discovery regarding Stem cells, when she started to research in her own unique way.

As medical science stands on the brink of discovering the magic of what Stem Cells can do to assist the human body in healing itself, CCDH Founder Jeanne Ames has learned and used a technique called Stem Cell Ignition to stimulate the body into using its store of Stem Cells embedded in every system of the human physical body known as Niche Stem Cell Sites to trigger a stem cell healing response and repair in accordance with the original human DNA blueprint. The Univeristy of Utah site has further information on Niche Stem Cell Sites, here.


Stem cell can be triggered over FaceTime Skype or individual one-to-one sessions, triggering a mind body response that reconnects broken down systems into reigniting Niche Stem Cell release to repair all structures of the physical human body. CCDH uses by specific technique, your very own Stem Cell Blueprint memory of the frequency of your very own stem cells to trigger the body into remembering a healing response that has been long forgotten.