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7 Mill Close

Kirby Bedon


NR14 7EL


tel: 01508 494771



Crystal Clear Diamond Healing (CCDH) is a unique system for creating positive personal change, using the ability and connections you are born  with,


We offer a variety of workshops that incorporate guided meditations, relaxtion, NLP and behavioural techniques to take home with you, all designed to improve and enhance your life.


The CCDH system reconnects you with your natural healing ability and uses the mind and body to stimulate the desired healing responses and life direction.


So whether you're feeling stressed at work or with a family situation to dealing with public speaking or confrontation, the CCDH system is the perfect conglomeration of accessible, practical tools for you to easily understand and apply to your life.


Speak with one of our practitioners today who will work with you to assess your needs and recomend either a workshop or a package of one to one sessions specifically tailored to your needs. If you'd prefer to email us, please do so by clicking here.


There are no special requirements to work with us, whether you're young or mature, we welcome you to come as you are.

The Journey To Peace

The Journey To Peace

New release available for download on iBooks and Kindle now

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By Jeanne Ames, CCDH Founder